Monday, October 8, 2012

Harp Practice Episode 4 - Bb, F# & pedaling E and C while playing!

Behold! The three songs most frequently heard in our living room lately: Le Bon Petit Roi d'Yvetot, The Keel Row, and Largo! I'm slowly getting better at each one........ I promise, someday I will play well enough to deserve to play this beautiful harp! ^_^ At this point I'm just glad if I remember a song has pedal changes in it before I start plucking... they tend to catch me completely off guard if I don't stay focused. I'm taking October off from lessons and focusing on exercises when I have time to play. We're traveling every weekend and there's simply too much going on for me to devote enough attention to my practicing until things settle down in November. I wish I had a tiny harp I could travel with, ah well! Probably someday!