Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Clair de Lune/Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte (segments)

I'm making some progress on two pieces that are very dear to me... Clair de Lune is my favourite classical song - My aunt played this song as I walked down the aisle at my wedding a year ago & Pavane is for my lovely friend Caroline, who got a few bars of the sheet music tattooed to her forearm at the tender age of 18 and somehow managed to keep it a secret from her family for months. Ha!

Both arrangements come from Classical Selections - Book II (for lever harp, yay!) by Angi Bemiss & Balfour Knight. I find these arrangements the perfect challenge for my current skill set. Maybe they are even a bit beyond my level, but I think they are simple enough that I should be able to master them with continued practice. I also really love playing classical music rather than the tiny exercises in my lesson book, although I understand it's important to remain focused on the basics as I progress.

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